A Message from EPI's Chairman & CEO

A Message from EPI's Chairman & CEO

Joseph G. GhoWhen the principles of environmental stewardship of plastic waste – “reduce, reuse, and recycle” – cannot be effectively applied it is important to have an alternative solution in order to prevent the accumulation and persistence of traditional plastics in the environment – the use of affordable degradable plastics – to develop an environmentally responsible marketplace and to maintain a sustainable world for our future generations.

EPI is the proponent and leader of oxo-biodegradable plastic additive technology. We strive to promote the use of our Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (“TDPA®”) technology as an environmentally friendly and practical solution to the world’s plastic waste problems.

We continuously conduct research and development on our TDPA® plastic additive technology to enhance its performance and applicability in order to meet the world’s demand for degradable plastic products, and we are fervently committed to exceed our customers’ expectations through the provision of superior technical and sales support and the supply of the highest quality TDPA® plastic additives.

Joseph G. Gho

Chairman & CEO

EPI Environmental Technologies Inc.

EPI Group